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Fire-resistant doors are an integral and essential part of the architecture and safety of a building’s design, and are not something that can be left out. They are the most important part of staying safe if a fire should occur in a building, and play a key role in preventing the spread of fire from one area of a building to another, as well as from building to building.

Each component of a fire-resistant door must be of the utmost quality and in the best condition in order to ensure that it will function properly when put to the test.

Fire-resistant doors serve to keep a fire limited to a small area of a building, and are usually utilized at fire exits, on firewalls, stairwell entrances/exits, and as doors to conduit shafts and electric machinery rooms. In addition to preventing the loss of human life and injury, fire-resistant doors also help to lessen the monetary damage caused from fires.

Global Compass Trade offers the fire-resistant doors of one of the top five manufacturers in China in terms of both safety record and sales. Our fire-resistant doors have been exported across Asia, Africa, and the western world, as well as been utilized by railway stations, airports, and large-scale office buildings throughout China. Please contact Global Compass Trade at any time to discuss with us what you need and what we can offer.

We look forward to talking through your order with you, providing you with a stress free process and reliable after-sales services, and earning your trust as a repeat customer!
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