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Tempered glass (also called toughened glass) is ordinary glass that has gone through the process of being heated and then rapidly cooled. As it does not shatter upon impact like regular glass, tempered glass is the choice of most architects, designers, and construction companies for pubic buildings and other interior/exterior settings. Characteristics include its strong safety record, high strength, heat endurance, etc. It is widely used in places with high safety requirements, such as the windows and doors of high-rise buildings, glass walls, interior portioning glass, ceiling lighting, sightseeing elevators for tourists, furniture, glass railings, etc.

The tempered glass that Global Compass Trade provides is manufactured in a first-class factory with international standards. Our tempered glass has been used in countless large-scale construction projects throughout China, exported throughout the world, and we are positive it will meet your standards.

We look forward to talking through your order with you, providing you with a stress free process and reliable after-sales services, and earning your trust as a repeat customer. Please contact Global Compass Trade at any time!
  • Xinjiang Regional Bureau of Quality Supervision
  • Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street in Urumqi
  • Hualing Trade Center
  • Urumqi Railway Station
  • Urumqi Culture Center
  • Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Stadium
Production Process
  • Automatic Cutting Tables
  • Glass Cleaning Machine
  • Factory Workshop
  • Seiko Dual-Chamber Convection Tempering Furnace
  • Automatic Hollow Molding and Splitting Machine
  • Edge Grinding Machine
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