International Procurement
At Global Compass Trade we help our customers source products from China, Indonesia, the United States, and beyond in acting as your purchasing and import department. Our multilingual international team is able to provide fluent services in over 10 languages, and our traders on the ground throughout the world use their decades of experience and local market knowledge/relationships to obtain the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

We will talk with you to understand what you need, be it a specific product/brand, custom made product, or discuss with you the options at your disposal.
After we know what you want, we will talk with partner factories and vet new source factory options to find the best and most cost 
effective manufacturer to produce your products.
As part of this process, our team will use their language abilities to remain in constant contact with the factory to explain clearly the details of your order and the end result you desire.

Global Compass Trade represents you, and we assure the best quality by making factory visits to monitor the manufacturing process and assure quality.
Once manufacturing is complete, we will once again travel to the factory to inspect and examine your order before it is shipped out. 


Full-Service Logistics
Sourcing the products you need is only our first step in helping you, and we will stay connected with you at every stage of the process as we coordinate the completion of your order. Our experts are experienced in handling all of the necessary customs paperwork and documentation to logistically move your products across borders from the manufacturing country of origin to your final destination.

Trade regulations and worldwide markets are constantly changing, and we take pride in staying up-to-date with trends and the latest industry developments. We use creative solutions and adapt situation specific methods to facilitate the smooth and cost efficient completion of your order. Through our timely communication and clear explanations we strive to make this process as simple and stress-free for you as possible.
Types of Documentation:

  • Customs Paperwork
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Bills of Landing
  • Packing Lists
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Inspection Certificates
  • Insurance Policies
  • COA, MSDS, Safety Certificates, etc.
Worldwide Delivery
No matter where your factory, office, company, or final destination is located, our trusted global and local shipping partners will deliver your order in the quickest manner possible and at the cheapest market rate. The logistics of land, ocean, and air delivery are streamlined and made easy with the help of our experienced experts.

Whether you have a large order that requires the use of shipping containers or a small break bulk shipment, we offer a variety of packaging and shipping options to meet the requirements of your specific situation. It is our goal to arrange the delivery of your order on your behalf so you can focus on the other pressing needs of your
business. However, we know that many companies that source products internationally have their own shipping partners, and in these situations we can simply provide you with a FOB price from a port at the country of origin.

Through discussions we will work with you to arrange the most appropriate manner for your order to be delivered. International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) outline the responsibilities and terms for all parties involved when delivering products internationally. There are a handful of different Incoterms, but the three that we most often encounter are:

As an example, let’s say you are a company just outside of San Francisco and we help you source products from a factory in central China. Upon completion of manufacturing we deliver your products to the Port of Shanghai. The shipping scenarios for the three Incoterms listed above are as follows:
  • FOB: you would like to use your own shipping partner to transport your order to your company outside of San Francisco. Based on this scenario, we would give you a FOB Shanghai price and process your order through Chinese customs, after which your products become available to you at the Port of Shanghai and it is the responsibility of your shipping partner for delivery to its final destination.
  • CIF: in this scenario we would process your order through Chinese customs, and thereafter undertake responsibility for delivery and all shipping/insurance fees for transporting your order to its port of destination. After your order arrives at the Port of San Francisco, it is then your responsibility to process the order through U.S. customs and deliver it to your final destination.
  • DDP: in short, a DDP price is in essence a “door to door” service. From manufacturing in China to processing both Chinese/United States customs to delivering the order to your company’s location just outside of San Francisco, we are in charge of all aspects of completing and delivering the order to your final destination.
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