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Hotel Amenities Products

Global Compass Trade offers all of the products, interior decorations, disposable items, furniture, and other necessary amenities for the hotel environment.

Our products are manufactured using advanced high-quality equipment for printing, injection-molding, blow-molding, and automatic planting and finishing. With many years of production experience and a pioneering spirit of innovation, our products comply with absolutely all international and Chinese standards, and sell extremely well both inside China and are exported to every corner of the globe.

Hotel amenities products we offer include but are not limited to: soaps/shampoos, toothbrushes/toothpaste, combs, conditioners/skin moisturizes, slippers, bathrobes, bath caps/sponges, bath mats, bath towels, shoe horns/polish, bed covers/sheets/quilts/cushions/blankets, pillows/pillow cases, trash cans, table trays, matches, paper/glass cups, laundry bags, curtains, razors, cotton swabs, umbrellas, and more.

In addition, we can provide furniture for inside hotel rooms, lobby furniture, and all the signage necessary for use throughout a hotel.

Our products come in a wide variety of standards, and options are available for simple bed and breakfasts all the way through to the most elegant and high-quality of five star hotels.

All of the hotel products we offer can be completely custom made according to your requirements. Product details you may custom design include but are not limited to: color, logo (add your own), font, design, packaging, shape/size, and smell/color when applicable.

We are confident our products are able to meet all of the requirements of your hotel environment. We look forward to talking through your order with you, providing you with a stress free process and reliable after-sales services, and earning your trust as a repeat customer. Please contact Global Compass Trade at any time!
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